The Damage is Done (archive)

The Damage is Done: A True Story combines theatre, dialogue, essay, video, music and dance into a multi-layered event. Featuring Dr. Gabor Maté onstage with Rita Bozi, the show weaves together the story of three different Gabors, all of whom emigrated from Hungary to Canada and shaped Bozi’s life.

The audience is taken on a journey from the invasion of the Nazis to a failed Revolution, from The National Ballet School to Canadian punk rocker BB Gabor, exploring the impact of historical trauma on its performers and on the characters they play.

The show toured to the Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse), The Banff Centre for the Arts (Alberta) and The Cultch (Vancouver).

We love this show so much it has its own page here. 


“A new fusion of storytelling with the visual and aural…

…bittersweet and moving.”

– The Reykjavik Grapevine