Productive Obsession is an independent inter-arts performance company. Since our founding in 2012 our work has been presented in Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, Whitehorse, Kitchener, Ottawa, Budapest, Estonia and Iceland.

We use what inspires us as source material, and create multi-disciplinary projects that challenge us, rejecting self-imposed limitations of genre and style. We aim to do it impeccably. And we never stop. And because we are Productive Obsession, we do a lot of it.

We are interested in life, the brain, politics, history, current affairs, cultures, culture, short-fiction, plays, theatre, music, dance, video, film, performance, education, people, stories, emotions, trauma, societies, the disenfranchised, the privileged, books, newspapers, technology, food, ethics, world affairs, psychology, organizational narrative via group facilitation, addiction, genetics, humans, embryology, elderly care, farm life, Canadian stories, international stories, human rights, neuroscience, travel, nature (in no particular order). We perform in basements, barns, theatres, libraries, cafes and elsewhere.

Suggestions welcome.