How iRan: Three Plays for iPod (archive)

How iRan: Three Plays for iPod was presented at the Ottawa Public Library in September 2016 as a special off-festival event presented by the Ottawa Fringe Festival.

How iRan: Three Plays for iPod uses one of the most ubiquitous pieces of technology available today to tell the story of three different people whose lives intersect over thirty years.

When you arrive at the library you are asked to chose between one of three iPods. Each track directs you to artwork or installations strategically placed throughout the building to augment the audio experience. This artwork has been created by a mix of professional artists, students, new arrivals to Canada and members of Canada’s Iranian community.

But not all iPods have the same content – and each iPod is set to shuffle, so you and everyone else experience your story in a non-linear order. With over 11 million possible story combinations, you are guaranteed a unique experience.

“A unique way to tell an important story”

— George Stroumboulopoulos